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Shakeel Wahab Chauhan

Tour Guide License : Approved by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.
Guide Code : #TG007
Language Spoken : English
Guide Experience : Since 1996
Area of Operation : Taj Mahal, Agra & all India
Residence : Agra
Country : India

About Shakeel Wahab Chauhan

Shakeel Wahab Chauhan a Government Approved English speaking tour guide for Taj mahal and in India since 1996. He has tour guide license from Ministry of Tourism Government of India. He is also reserved for Ministers, Leaders, Business Tycoon, Actors & Actress, Officers and VVIP's Guest. He lives in Agra. He has a deep knowledge of Taj Mahal, and other monuments of Agra. He is Post Graduate in History from Agra University. He has certificate of Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management which is recognized of Ministry of Tourism Government of India.


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Tour Guide License

Shakeel Wahab Chauhan, Tour Guide License